Welcome to my zone 9a habitat garden near Houston, Texas.

Friday, February 8, 2013

This week in the garden - #50

Almost there. The Carolina jessamine is just about ready to burst into full bloom.

 The 'Gulf Rose' plum tree is there already - full of its sweet little white blossoms.

This week there can be no doubt that spring has definitely sprung in my yard. True, we may still have a few cool nights ahead of us but the warmer weather is here to stay. There'll be no more frost this winter.


It's rose pruning time. I plan to spend a good portion of my gardening time this weekend working on that chore. I won't be pruning 'Old Blush' though, because she is in full bloom already.

She's my first rose to bloom this year. Most of the others will be a good bit later, because I'm going to give them a good whacking! It's not that I'm all that ruthless, but most of my rose bushes do grow rampantly, and if I don't cut them back severely in the spring, they can really get out of hand.


I spent much of the day today clearing beds in my vegetable garden. It won't be long now until it's time to get those plants for the spring garden going and I want to be ready. I'm hoping that if I can get just a little assistance perhaps I can finish that job this weekend.


There's not a lot blooming in my garden yet, but the fringy blossoms of loropetalum offer a bright spot of fuchsia in their corner of the backyard.


I'm greatly heartened by the fact that we do continue to get occasional rain. The terrible drought which we endured for two years has been broken, at least in my little corner of the world. This week we got half an inch of rain and the rain barrels are again running over. We know that this good fortune likely will not last long-term, but please allow me to enjoy it while it does!


  1. I am happy to hear you got some rain, and I can send you some more if you like - we still got much more than we need over here in Britain!

    Nice to hear you got spring, we are in the grip of a cold period that just won't budge. It's been going on for weeks and weeks and we are tired of it all. I want spring too :-)

  2. I love that lorapetalum Dorothy, such a pretty color. I think I'm going to have to replace my Carolina Jessamine I got last year. I kept hoping it would come back, but nothing is happening with it at all. I don't have any blooms anywhere, but lots of leafing out going on in our garden.

    1. I would say if your jessamine hasn't come back by now, it's probably not going to. Sad, but it happens.

  3. I love the white plum flowers and the 'Old Blush' rose. Hope the rains continue to come with regularity.