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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Point of view, February edition

After two days of rain, mist, and fog, finally today we are rewarded with a day of brilliant golden sunshine. And so, I am out in my backyard, two days late, to offer you my "point of view" shots for February. I think you'll see that not a lot has changed since January, but, trust me, big changes are coming!

Just as a reminder, I'll give you the January shots, too, for comparison.

 Looking at the backyard from my garden shed in January.

And in February. Well, the sun is shining - that's different. And you may be able to tell that much of the cleanup has been done on the two parallel beds that form the center of the picture, but there's not been a lot of growth yet. The grass is slightly greener. That's about all.

 January's view looking straight down the middle of the beds.

And February's view. Again, not much change can be seen.

January - standing between the two beds and looking back toward my house and my next-door neighbor's yard.

And February - standing in almost the same spot. Maybe a couple of feet closer to the house. I think you can see that the dead tops of the cannas around the little sycamore tree on the right have been cut down, but other than that, there are no drastic changes.

As I said, big changes are coming to the backyard. We're getting a new patio put in, which I'll be showing you when it's done, and that will have a ripple effect throughout the yard. Plus, even though you can't really see it in this month's shots, things are beginning to green up. I think March's "point of view" should look quite a bit different.


  1. It's always exciting with a change in the garden, small or big, looking forward to seeing your new projects!