Welcome to my zone 9a habitat garden near Houston, Texas.

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Moving on

The blooms of the Carolina jessamine signal the changing of the seasons. Winter is almost over. Spring is breathing down its neck.

As change comes to Nature and the garden, I have made the difficult decision to change some things in my life as well.

For the past few years, I have published on three separate but related blogs - Backyard Birder where I wrote about birds, The Nature of Things where I wrote about whatever happened to be on my mind that day, and, of course, this blog where I have discussed my experiences with gardening in Southeast Texas. I have greatly enjoyed doing the blogs and especially the relationships that I have developed with many readers during that time. But now I find that I need to cut back on the time that I spend sitting in front of a computer. For one thing, I need to have more time and energy to devote to actual gardening!

In tracking my blogs over the last several weeks, it is evident to me that The Nature of Things is the most popular of the three. Indeed, the number of viewers there is almost double the total for the other two blogs combined, and so I have decided to discontinue writing for the two less popular blogs and fold them into the one that gets the most traffic. Consequently, I will be taking my musings on gardening and on birds to The Nature of Things and expanding that blog to include those subjects. I hope that by concentrating on only one blog, I will be able to improve the quality of my writing as well as the diversity of the subjects covered.

This blog is now six-and-a-half years old which is actually quite a long life span in the world of blogging where many don't make it beyond their first month and the first burst of enthusiasm. I prefer to think that this is not actually the end of the blog but that it is simply moving on into its next logical stage of life.

To all of my readers who have faithfully followed my scribblings over the years, thank you so much! You will never know how much your support and especially your comments have meant to me. Can I dare to hope that you will visit me at The Nature of Things and that you will continue to follow me there? My first "new" post regarding my garden will appear there tomorrow.

Spring is coming and with it hope is renewed, and so I do dare to dream that I will meet you again and hear your comments at my new (or other) address.

Happy gardening!


  1. Congrats in your consolidation of time and effort. I'll look for the Nature of Things Blog. Is there a link to it?


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