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Sunday, March 6, 2011

Lazy Sunday afternoon

Even the most dedicated gardener can't spend ALL her time weeding and planting and pruning. Every once in a long while she has to spend some time just appreciating the garden, observing it, and becoming one with it. That's what I did today.

Oh, I might have done a little desultory weeding and maybe I nipped off a dead branch here and there and I did actually complete one chore that I had intended to do a few days ago. I planted my 'Brandywine' tomatoes that I had started from seeds under my grow lights back in December. (It's an absolute certainty that these tomatoes won't be able to withstand our heat, but I'm hoping that by getting them into the ground this early, they will have a chance to produce some of their delicious fruits before the worst of the heat arrives.) Other than those few little tasks, I mostly just sat and enjoyed the garden and the garden's visitors today.

This colorful visitor is an American Painted Lady. She was shy and didn't really want to pose for a picture, but like a good papparazza, I chased her until I was able to get a few candid poses.

Didn't have to chase this guy! This very, very long anole was lazily sunning himself on a crape myrtle tree.

The old apple tree is in full and glorious bloom now and it is pulling in the traffic.

Bees come from far and near to sip at its blossoms. You can hear the buzz of hundreds of bees from several feet away.

At all seasons of the year, the tree is a favorite perching place for the Tufted Titmouse.

Their little cousins, the Carolina Chickadees, like it, too.

This Pipevine Swallowtail butterfly has been hanging around the tree for a few days.

In this ventral view, you can count the seven large orange dots that confirm his identity.

On such a beautiful Sunday afternoon, it was wonderful to be able to just sit in my favorite chair and drink in the peaceful atmosphere of my favorite place to be - my own backyard.

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