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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Point of view, March edition

Time again for a look at my backyard garden from a defined "point of view" as I have shown you in January and February. If you look back at last month's post, you can see how the view looked in both months. And here's what it looks like this month.

Greener still, as I think you can see, and some of the shrubby plants are bushier. Also, Charlie the garden cat decided to get into the picture.

The clear blue sky is typical of March.

When I walk down the path a bit, you get a view of the new patio. That pile of rocks that you see just this side of it marks the new fountain. I'll give you closer views of that later.

For a slightly different "point of view" from the same spot, if I point my camera to the right , you see the magnolia tree and the house, as well as the little pond and birdbath in the distance.

And, if the camera looks left, you see the wild hedge along the back fence and the bottle tree bed with its agaves, Mexican feather grass and Texas sage.

If we move in for a close up view of some of the plants along the path, you can see that the autumn sage is in bloom.

The Copper Canyon daisy that I pruned back severely in January is full of new growth.

The daylilies are sending up new leaves. Some of them will begin blooming as early as April.

'Pride of Barbados' dies back to its roots each winter and puts out new growth in spring. That's what's happening here. By summer it will be as tall as my head and full of orange blooms.

The yellow cestrum is just beginning to open its blooms. By next month, it will be full of these butterfly attractants.

And speaking of butterflies, the milkweed plants along the bed are putting out green shoots and will be open for business from the Monarchs in a few weeks, but, in the meantime, I do plan to get a few fully grown plants from the nursery to tide the butterflies over.

The new leaves shooting up from the amaryllis bulbs are well-grown and some already have flower buds. By next month, for sure, they will be in bloom.

Yes, April should provide more diverse colors than just various shades of green for our "point of view."

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