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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

"Growing a Greener World"

Are you, like me, bummed out about the lack of good gardening shows on television? HGTV pretty much gave up on the "G" part of their name long ago. PBS used to have some good shows, including "Victory Garden," and in some parts of the country, they apparently still do - just not on our local KUHT. I don't know if the problem is a lack of money or if the powers that be at the station just don't think there is an audience for garden shows. They still show "Victory Garden" every Sunday but they have shown the same series of shows over and over and over for years now. If I see Jamie Durie make those bougainvillea trees one more time, I might just put my foot through the screen!

It turns out though that PBS does actually have another gardening show that is available in other parts of the country. It is "Growing a Greener World" with gardener Joe Lamp'l. As far as I know, there are no plans for KUHT to start carrying it, but the good news is that through the power of the Internet, you can watch it anyway! Just click on this link and select the episode you want to watch and click on the title and you can watch the show right there on your computer screen.

I've watched a few of the episodes already and I think the show is pretty good. Take a look and see what you think.

Maybe some day this or other worthy gardening shows will again show up on our local television station schedule. Until then, thank goodness for the Internet!


  1. Dorothy,

    Thanks so much for the great post on our show! (I am the Associate Producer for Growing A Greener World). I totally understand your frustration because it is frustrating for us too!

    Although we are a National PBS gardening show and are being shown on most PBS stations, there are still a few that are not yet carrying us. Part of that is because we are so NEW. We are currently filming our second season and some stations are still unaware of us.

    As a viewer of a "viewer owned" station YOU do have power! Please contact (via email or phone) your local station "program manager" and request the show. Tell them we are distributed by American Public Television. They just might pick us up!

    Season 2 doesn't start airing until July, so there is still time!

    Thank you Dorothy for your support! We so appreciate it. And I am glad that you have been able to watch on our website. That is the exact reason we post all episodes there.

    You can also get "behind the scenes" info on our facebook fan page.

    Thanks again!
    Theresa Loe
    Associate Producer
    Growing A Greener World

  2. Thanks, Theresa. I do plan to contact KUHT about your show and I hope that my readers who are in this viewing area will do so, too. As you say, viewers do have power, especially with their PBS stations. Afer all, we are the Public in Public TV!

  3. Here's another good show that we don't have in Houston. Central Texas Gardener http://www.klru.org/ctg/

  4. Austin PBS television carries a good variety of gardening shows, HGG, and "Central Texas Gardener" is certainly one of them. I think the gardeners of Austin must have lobbied their local station to get all of that good programming. Maybe we need to do some lobbying of our own!

  5. I actually ran across your blog while searching for new gardening shows and I was both amused and a little annoyed to see it wasn't just us up in WV that had seen the infernal bougainvillea tree episode a dozen times in the past couple years. I miss the days of Roger and Marian... the new VG is so bland, imo.

    thankfully we do have "Growing A Greener World" in our area (it airs before the VG) and it's a great series. Thank you Theresa and the rest working on that show! It's needed more these days than ever.

    Thank you Dorothy for your interesting blog. I hope you guys get more series to watch in your area, soon.

  6. Ah, Roger and Marian...those were the good old days of "Victory Garden," Anonymous. At least you are lucky enough to have "Growing a Greener World" on your PBS station. I'm hoping to start a campaign to get it here.