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Saturday, April 2, 2011

Blooms are bustin' out all over!

The blooms in my garden have been coming faster than they can be documented.

The insignifcant blooms of the variegated potato vine are really not what we grow the vine for. It's the glowing foliage that is the story here. The blooms look very much like the blooms of the potatoes in our veggie garden.

Foliage, likewise, is the main reason for growing this purple oxalis.

Blossoms are definitely the reason for growing 'Laura Bush' petunia.

And, of course, the poppies. Happy little flowers!

The 'Silky Golden' asclepias that I bought to augment my milkweed collection have started blooming.

And the white-flowered loropetalum is now in full bloom.

As are the Blackfoot daisies.

The columbines have been especially floriferous this spring.

The award for the first garden amaryllis bloom of spring goes to 'Apple Blossom' but several others are close on her petals.

All of the Salvia greggii in my garden are putting on a show. Leading the way is 'Hot Lips'.

Not to be outdone is 'Otahal' salvia, full of blooms that the bees love.

These pretty little blossoms are blooming in my tiny pond among the horsetail reeds. (At the moment, I am at a loss for the plant's name.)

FINALLY! The sweet peas are blooming.

And finally, the snowball viburnum has completely opened all its florets and is a true snowball.

The bluebonnets have been a bit sparse, but here is a pretty good stand featuring one lone pink bonnet.

And then, of course, there are the roses.

'Monkey Business' was an impulse buy from Jackson and Perkins last year. It is a floribunda and it has proved to be a real winner. Wish all my impulse buys turned out as well.

'Monkey Business', ready for its close-up.

Pink Knockout has been a real knockout this spring.

These 'Radazz' Knockouts bloom in a hedge along my neighbor's fence that extends into my front yard.

'Graham Thomas' offered up his first blooms this week.

So did 'Belinda's Dream'.

'Ducher', my purchase last spring at Antique Rose Emporium, has not been a disappointment.

A single 'Ducher' close-up.

Finally, along the back fence, 'Old Blush' has been blooming her heart out for about a month.

Even without April showers - yet - the blooms are truly bustin' out all over.

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