Welcome to my zone 9a habitat garden near Houston, Texas.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Summer came early this year

Is it really only May? Some days it feels more like July. It is hot and dry, with not much hope of relief in sight.

We've had no significant rainfall in my yard since April 18, and prior to that rain of just about an inch, it had been pretty dry for weeks. The grass in my yard already has that parched, pinched look that it normally gets in July and August. Usually, at this time of year, it would still be lush and green.

The plants wilt by mid-morning and, by the end of the day, some look like they are down for the count, but miraculously, overnight they perk up once again. Only to be laid low by the heat of the next day.

In addition to the searing heat of the sun this week, plants have also had to deal with a drying wind that has been blowing from the south. While it helps to cool the sweaty brow of the gardener, it only helps further desiccate the plants.

So, I've started supplemental watering much earlier in the year than I normally do and I look at the ten-day weather forecast every day and hope to see rain clouds on the horizon. The weatherman promises a slight possibility of some rain in the coming week. I do hope he isn't just toying with my affections again.


  1. I know how you feel, it's the same here. I deep watered my porch beds yesterday, finally, when I saw that a dwarf barbados cherry's leaves had turned white and crisp. Hurts my feelings.

  2. Eastern Harris County is already deemed to be in a moderate drought, Kathleen, and without rain, this whole area will soon follow. Our poor plants just seem to face one challenge after another. Those that survive and come through to the other side will be true proven winners.