Welcome to my zone 9a habitat garden near Houston, Texas.

Monday, July 2, 2012


July means...

The 'Pride of Barbados' is just beginning to open its first blooms.

The sunflowers from the packet of mixed seeds that I planted earlier this year are beginning to show their smiling faces.

And the purple echinacea - actually, this particular variety is more rosy than purple - is just beginning to hit its stride.

The burgundy okra is almost too pretty to eat!

The spider lilies out by the little fish pond are beginning to bloom.

And in the spicebush, yet another generation of Spicebush Swallowtail caterpillars is munching its way through the remaining leaves on the plant.

July means that summer is well and truly here and it's time to ease back a bit on garden labors and take time to enjoy garden treasures.


  1. I love your caterpillars!
    I have Spicebushes and I am waiting for cats....
    I so love your sunflower photograph.
    All your flowers are lovely..
    Happy July, stay cool.

    1. And a happy July to you, too, Sherry. It's a month when gardens and gardeners are tested. Well, I guess you could say that about any month, couldn't you?