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Thursday, September 19, 2013

"Yard Crashers" comes to town

Do you watch the show "Yard Crashers" on HGTV? I confess I've never actually seen it because I swore off watching shows like it some time ago. You know the type - the cameras and crew, featuring at least one hunky landscaper, descend on a yard that looks like a total disaster area and overnight, or over a period of a few days, they turn it into a dreamscape, a garden that lives up to all the owner's most dearly held garden fantasies.

Now, goodness knows, my garden could surely use some dreamscaping, so even though I'm not a fan of such shows, when the September newsletter from The Arbor Gate announced that the show was coming to town and would be at their nursery today, I briefly considered attending. They were going to select one lucky customer to receive one of their patented garden makeovers. Maybe I would get lucky. Stranger things have been known to happen.

The "Yard Crashers" hunk.

Then I looked again at the date they would be there and realized that I had to be in Houston at that time. So much for that short-lived fantasy.

This morning as we went into town, we traveled down FM 2920 which runs by The Arbor Gate, and it quickly became apparent that I was probably the only owner of a garden in the area who hadn't shown up for the "Yard Crashers" event. It was still early but already the nursery's two parking lots had overflowed and cars were parked on either side of the road for at least a mile along the way. Who knows how far the line of cars reached by the time the event was under way? Obviously, the show had plenty of customers to choose from to select the lucky winner of their makeover.

I assume that at some point in the future that local garden and gardener will be featured on one of their episodes. If I know about it in advance, I might even break down and watch it. And as I watch it, I can only dream about what might have been if only I had been able to present the sad tale of my garden to the judges. I'm sure I could have been a winner.


  1. Hahaha! Apparently I missed it too. I didn't hear about it, but probably wouldn't have gone anyway. I go past the Arbor Gate on my way out to the barn in Hockley and many times I've seen cars parked up and down the highway because the parking lots are full for an event. *shudder*

    1. I've been to a few of those overcrowded events - Felder Rushing comes to mind - and they are mad!!!

  2. You might be able to advise the Yard Crashers, but I don't think you need their services! Your garden is beautiful as it is.

    1. Oh, I could definitely use their help, but you are very kind to compliment my garden. It has its faults and weaknesses, but one thing I can truthfully say: It is unique!