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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Denver Botanic Gardens - Part 2: Scenes from the Japanese Garden

One of my favorite gardens to visit at the Denver Botanic Gardens was the Japanese Garden.  I loved the use of rocks and water features and the sculptural quality of the trees all of which imparted a sense of peace, order, and timelessness to the space.

In this section of the gardens, there was still quite a bit of snow present five days after the storm.

This peaceful little pond made one want to linger here.

The various bonsai pine trees were like living sculptures.

More bonsai, rocks and water with a colorful tree in the background.

I looked for a label to tell me the name of this wonderful tree with the weeping limbs but I didn't find it.

Several shrubs and trees in this area added vibrant color to the garden.

Yet another peaceful vista from this garden.

Snowy shrubs and rocks reflected in the pool.

Still more bonsai pines surrounding the pool.

I could have spent all day in this part of the garden but there was much, much more to see.  Coming up in part 3!

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