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Friday, August 26, 2011

Reporting on migrating Monarchs

The Monarch butterfly migration is under way and Journey South, the citizen science project that tracks them, wants you to report your sightings.  Your observations can help the scientists get a more complete picture of how the migration is proceeding.  You can sign up and sign in at the link above and start sending them your information.

The Journey South people urge us to make a report at least once a week as long as Monarchs are present.  You can report anytime you see a Monarch.  I don't personally have any confirmed sightings of one of the butterflies yet, although I thought I might have seen one today.  We were on State Highway 249 headed north and I saw a butterfly high above the traffic, as migrating Monarchs typically fly, and it was headed southeast.  But I couldn't see it well enough to be sure that is what it was, so I won't report it.

The Journey South site has several maps which help to illustrate and track the migration.  It is very interesting to check in on them once or twice a week just to see the progress of the fliers.

I'm not really expecting much from this year's migration.  I'll be happy just to encounter a few of the beauties in my yard.  If they do visit me, they will find plenty of milkweed on which to feed and to lay their eggs.  I'm hoping I'll have some of that action to report along the way.

If you haven't already signed on to Journey South, I encourage you to do so and take part in this important project.  The bits of information which you can provide may be just what the scientists are looking for.

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