Welcome to my zone 9a habitat garden near Houston, Texas.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

A gardener's week - #21

It's been moving time in my garden this week. I spent much of the week moving plants from one bed to another or putting into beds some plants that had been stuck in their black plastic nursery pots for a while. All in all, I've moved tens of plants around the yard and I still have tens more to go! But many of those will have to wait until I get their beds ready. I'm still in the process of expanding some beds and adding others. It's been a busy winter so far.

In the vegetable garden, I have some really good greens coming along now and they are on the menu for lunch tomorrow. I've got some nice heads of broccoli, one of which has already bloomed. I've expressly let it bloom for the bees and other insects, because there is not too much else to tempt them in my garden right now. But bees do love broccoli blooms!

Under the grow lights in the garage, one tiny, fragile 'Brandywine' tomato seedling is just poking its head above the soil. I'm hoping that more will follow. Next week, I'm planning to plant flower seeds and perhaps more veggies under the lights as well.

In a bed in the front yard, the one that is just in front of my study window, I planted some poppies last year. They did well for me and bloomed for a long time. I let them go to seed and now I've been rewarded. The plants have reseeded themselves and I have a whole bed of little poppy plants. I'm looking forward to many happy colorful little blooms this spring and summer.

All week long, I've been hearing rumors of a severe freeze coming next week with temperatures in the teens, but I just looked at The Weather Channel website's ten day forecast page and I don't see anything like that. There's only one night during that period that they are predicting to get into the 20s, none into the teens. Perhaps we will luck out and miss the worst of the Arctic air. Fingers crossed!


  1. The teens would be awful, but I don't like the 20s either. Sounds like you've been busy planting all those nursery pots. I need to do the same, but I spent today planning for my fruit tree purchases and placement.

  2. It was a good day for planning, HGG, not such a good day to be outside. I'm with you - I don't relish the 20s either.