Welcome to my zone 9a habitat garden near Houston, Texas.

Monday, December 27, 2010

Picture this: A year in the garden

Through the year in my garden in pictures...

JANUARY: A view of the backyard after the big January freeze had finally stripped all the leaves away.

FEBRUARY: Daffodils gave a promise of spring.

MARCH: My anonymous camellia was still in bloom.

APRIL: A friend of the garden, the Texas rat snake, put in an appearance on my back porch.

MAY: The month when magnolias earn their keep with their beautiful blossoms.

JUNE: The month of the sunflowers.

JULY: An explosion in the population of insects means the gardener needs allies in controlling them. The praying mantis is one of the best.

AUGUST: The brugmansias were finally in bloom.

SEPTEMBER: The beautiful highlight of the month - literally - was the full Harvest Moon shining over my garden.

OCTOBER: Mexican sunflowers and Gulf Fritillary butterflies adorned the garden.

NOVEMBER: Finally, Monarch butterflies were visiting the garden again and one left behind this calling card - her egg with a tiny embryo just visible inside.

DECEMBER: In late November, we added a small pond to the backyard and in early December, I brought in some tiny goldfish, three of whom posed for this picture.

It's been quite a year in my garden. I wonder what I'll have to show you this time next year?


  1. my gosh. those photos are stunning! what a treat!

  2. Thanks, Janine. I hope the pictures are fairly representative of the garden's year.

  3. Dorothy, just discovered your blog through a google alert on gardens. We share several of the same passions. I enjoyed your photos. I'd like to invite you to tour mine. I started a memorial garden in honor of my sister who passed away several years ago. I have taken over 5ooo photos of the flowers she nurtures. They can be found in photo gallery 1. I'd love to have you as a garden friend.


  4. What a wonderful idea a memorial garden is, Miriam. I'm glad to hear about and see pictures of your garden and I am delighted to welcome you here as a friend. I hope you'll visit often.