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Friday, July 2, 2010


Finally! The weather forecasters have been promising me rain all week and all week I've been looking at the cloudy skies and saying, "Where is it?" This morning it finally arrived. Unfortunately, it arrived on the day that I have to drive into Houston. Typical inconvenient timing, but I'll take it nevertheless.

Looking out the windows to the garden this morning, everything looks lush and green and happy. Especially the weeds.

I've been very negligent about my garden this week. I've just been distracted by other things and haven't actually done much work out there. I'm sure my poor plants are feeling neglected but this rain will make them feel much better - and make me feel less guilty.

The rain is especially good for a couple of new plants I had added to the garden this week - a 'Blue Butterfly' clerodendron and an 'Incense' passionvine. I had stopped by Plants for all Seasons nursery on Hwy. 249 on my way back from a celebratory lunch out (an early anniversary celebration - the actual date was the 27th) last Friday and picked up those two plants that I had been wanting.

They had several others that I would have liked to get, as well, but I restrained myself. I didn't really have a plan or a place for them and it's not a good idea to let plants sit around in black plastic pots at this time of year. Maybe I'll go back later.

I hope my new plants will be happy where I've placed them and I especially hope that the Gulf Fritillary butterflies will find the passionvine to their liking. I have several of those butterflies in the garden just now and since my previous passionvines had all died out, I had nothing to offer them as nurseries for their young. With any luck, the new vine will remedy that.

Gulf Fritillary nectaring on Mexican sunflower.

The rain continues. It looks like my yard might have a wet couple of days, but I won't complain. More time for reading, which is really sort of what I wanted to do anyway.

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