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Monday, May 24, 2010

Another bloomin' Monday!

Here in late May, the blooms are coming so fast and furious that I can't keep up. Every day something new is added to the mix.

This is hardly a new thing in my yard and yet it is my very first bloom of the year from my reliable old species canna.

The morning glory is well named. It is glorious when it opens its fresh blooms in the morning.

Some of the 4 o'clocks are beginning to bloom. They bookend the day with the morning glories, opening their blossoms in late afternoon.

Even on a single plant, the 4 o'clock blooms can look quite different.

Under the oak tree, this hydrangea blossom has been very slowly changing color for days now. I think eventually it will be blue. Or maybe not. Time will tell.

The buddleias are beginning to bloom. Here's a pink one under our bedroom window.

And here's the 'Fourth of July' buddleia near the entry to our front door. This plant bloomed beautifully for me all last summer and into the fall.

The wildflower bed is a riot of color just now.

My mystery hibiscus continues to be a - umm - mystery. The blossoms it is showing this week are darker red than the ones earlier this spring. This is almost a cherry red, whereas the earlier ones had a bit more orange about them.

No mystery about the 'Laura Bush' petunias. They let it all hang out every day. In addition to all this gorgeous color, they also produce a heavenly petunia scent, like the old-fashioned petunias that I remember from my childhood. The scent is particularly noticeable late in the day.

Of course, May is daylily month and several more have joined the earlier ones that I have shown you.

This beauty blooms in a front yard bed.

Such a delicate color combination this one has.

This one brightens the view from my kitchen window.

Several of these rather gaudy lovelies live in the bed along the fence between us and our neighbors.

This maroon and gold bicolor is found in several beds around the backyard.

This one seems to have captured the sun in its petals.

I wonder what tomorrow's new surprise blossom will be. It’s worth getting up in the morning just to find out.


  1. Gorgeous! Your posts always make me wish for a high deer fence! My two daylillies are hidden behind 4 feet of rosemary...

  2. I am fortunate not to have to deal with the deer, Kathleen. I know they are a real pain in the derriere for many gardeners.