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Saturday, February 6, 2010

The migration of the plants

Migration season continues in my garden. Plants are "migrating" from one bed to another just about as fast as I can get my shovel into the ground!

Today it was the 'Big Momma' Turk's cap, 'Old Blush' rose bush, and two hibiscus plants that had been living in pots which took flight from their old homes to new spaces. I trust they will all be happier in their new digs.

This is the time of year when it is most efficacious to move many plants. The plants are in their dormancy and the weather is cool to cold, which reduces the stress on them when they are moved.

The weather forecast for the coming week promises cold nights and cool days all week. Moreover, the moon is waning which is considered to be a good time to do transplanting. What more encouragement does an inveterate plant mover like myself need? None!

So, tomorrow, I plan to be out in the garden early with my shovel moving things hither and thither. And possibly even yon!

As we all know, a garden is never finished. There are always improvements to be made, and, in my garden, very often those improvements involve moving a plant to a bed where it will be happier. I have admitted here before that I almost always seem to get it wrong the first time 'round. Usually, on the second or third move, if I haven't killed it by then, I manage to actually get the plant where I want it to be.

What must it be like to be such an accomplished gardener that you actually know immediately where a plant should go in the landscape? You dig a hole, drop the plant in, and it lives there for the rest of its life. Yes, what must that be like? It is beyond my wildest imaginings!

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