Welcome to my zone 9a habitat garden near Houston, Texas.

Friday, April 12, 2013

This week in the garden - #59

It is clematis season and the 'Rouge Cardinal' vine by the back porch is full of its wonderful blooms.

It is also the time of the pomegranate blooms. My little tree, added to the garden last year, has several of these bright orange blossoms this spring.

Of course, we are nearing the height of rose season, when that wonderful first flush of blooms is at its most floriferous. This is the first bloom from the 'Belinda's Dream' shown in a three-day progression as it fully opened.

In the vegetable garden, the tomatillas are full of these interesting fruits, and the tomatoes are blooming and will soon have fruits as well.

 Several of the milkweed, or butterfly weed, plants are in full bloom now and are receiving visits almost every day from passing Monarchs. Some of the plants already have tiny caterpillars on them.


We've been rocking and rolling in the garden this week, placing moss rocks as edging around some of the beds. We still have lots of rocks and lots of beds to go. The beds that have been completed look much better. The rocks bring definition and interest to the garden.


In the vegetable garden, every corn seed that I planted a couple of weeks ago seems to have come up. In a few weeks, we should have some good eating - if this variety is any good. It is called 'Gold Dots' and I haven't tried it before, so we'll just have to wait and see how tasty it is.

The zucchini and lemon squash that I planted last week are beginning to come up, also, and I did manage to get the pepper and eggplant plants that I had started under lights in my garage planted into their bed this week. A couple of days after I planted them, we got a nice rain which perked up all the plants.

Next, I hope to get some cucumbers and green beans planted. Maybe next week.

Happy gardening!  


  1. I've been eyeing corn that can be grown in a pot. I may try it next year in my postage stamp backyard. More rain, please -- everything looks so happy right now.

    1. I've seen ads for that corn and I guess it could work if the pot is big enough to allow enough plants for pollination. It's a fun crop to grow and there are few things tastier than an ear of corn right off the stalk.

      I second your request for more rain.

  2. Your clematis is beautiful and I like your little mosaic photo of the milkweed/butterfly weed. We have tons of blooms in the front garden, but none in the back yet. I've seen some Monarchs floating around but haven't seen any caterpillars yet. Have a great week.

    1. Blooms are bustin' out all over in my garden, Jayne! April is certainly one of my most floriferous months.