Welcome to my zone 9a habitat garden near Houston, Texas.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Well, we have to have SOMETHING to complain about!

Another rainy day and more on the way this week, I understand. So, is the drought over yet?

I've gotten about half an inch of rain out of this particular weather system so far. The soil in my garden has been well-saturated for days now.

I wonder when we gardeners will get truly grumpy and start complaining about too much rain. It'll happen, I have no doubt, because there's really no way to make gardeners happy with the weather. It will always be either too hot or too cold, too wet or too dry, too much sun or too many clouds. Pity the poor weatherman! (But not too much.)


  1. Ha! I was just complaining yesterday that it was too cold to be in the garden! :O)

  2. We've had some days like that lately, too, Karin. For a gardener, there's just no such thing as ideal weather conditions. There's always room for improvement.

  3. HiYa,

    I am not complaining at all! - - - When I look at how much smaller my water bill has become, and how much water there is for flora and fauna to enjoy, in any private and public lake, and ponds, I am one happy gardener! - - I love seeing the early spring 'green' colors popping out of just about anything left after this drought!!!

    Some Garden Fairies shared the joy with the winds after each rainfall, as the 'weed seeds' sprout weekly, I cannot believe how many types of weeds are found as I enter my garden and how deep those roots are as I tug and tug them out... When I am on the road looking out the window ( as a passenger).... The dandelions are huge and weeds are plentiful in the woods and fields and empty lots ! -LOL!...

    I hope you had a wonderful day yesterday!


    1. The variety and vigor of weeds in my garden just amaze me, Urs. Especially the thistles. I never remember having so many thistles before.

      Sometimes the fairies tuck a nice little surprise among the weeds as a joke on the inattentive gardener. Yesterday I was moving some plants and doing some weeding and I started to remove a particularly healthy-looking weed when I caught a waft of lemon. I stopped and looked at the plant, checked the stem and picked a leaf and crushed it in my hand. Lemon balm! A free plant and a caution to careless weeders!