Welcome to my zone 9a habitat garden near Houston, Texas.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Change has come to the garden

We had two nights of killing frosts in the garden this past week and suddenly things look very wintry. All the shrubs and perennials that are affected by frost now have blackened leaves and they've gone to sleep for the winter. Walking through the garden this afternoon, on a gorgeous late fall day, I had to reflect on the great difference that just one week can make at this time of year. A week ago the garden was still full of blooms. Now, just about all of them are gone.

The 'Radazz' Knockout roses, as well as the other Knockouts to a lesser extent, are still blooming. Some of the other roses still have a few blooms as well.

Where it hugs the southern brick wall of the house, the Turk's cap is still in bloom, and is still providing nourishment to the few butterflies passing by - mostly Sulphurs and Fritillaries.

But other than a few salvias that are still hanging on, that's about it for blooms in my garden this beautiful Sunday. It's not a sad change though. My garden has struggled through a long eighteen months of severe drought and several months of stifling heat. It deserves a respite. Finally, it is receiving a bit of that with the recent rains and now, having been touched by frost, it has settled down for a long winter's nap. My wish for it is that it will drink deep and sleep long and then come back to me refreshed in March and April.

As for me, no sleep for the gardener! I've got plenty to keep me busy until the garden wakes again.


  1. Wow, what a difference the miles between us make! Out here in Katy there are still plenty of blooms despite two light freezes. More rain sure would be welcome ... we didn't get all that much last weekend, darn it.

  2. A few miles can indeed make a big difference, Cindy, both with the frost and the rain. We've had about three substantial rainfalls within the last few weeks. It has made all the difference in the world to the garden and the gardener.