Welcome to my zone 9a habitat garden near Houston, Texas.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

My garden must be Irish 'cause it's wearin' the green

The angel's trumpets are sending up green shoots.

The Turk's caps are coming back strong with lots of green.

The beautyberries are putting out tentative green buds.

Split-leaf philodendrons are greening up, too.

'Texas Star' hibiscus grows greener every day.

'Leatherleaf mahonia' which bloomed all winter is now loaded with these bluish green seeds.

Even the snowball viburnum's buds, not quite fully blooms yet, are green.

Of course, the anole always wears his green - except when he's passing as brown.

Everything in my garden is green today, except...

...the shamrocks (oxalis), which are purple. Guess they don't have to prove their Irishness!

Happy St. Patrick's Day!


  1. Lovely! I can tell you're warmer than we are. My turk's caps have just the tiniest leaves at the base and only a few beauty berries have leaflets. I'm glad to see them all and hoping for ones that don't show yet--the flowering senna, firebush and esperanza among others.

  2. We are a bit ahead of you, Kathleen, because the esperanzas have already waked up and are reaching for the skies just like the angel's trumpets and Turk's caps. The firebush, though, likes to sleep late and this year is no exception.