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Monday, April 26, 2010

Daylily season

I love daylilies. I know, I know. They are easy and common and no challenge at all. Well, I guess that's why I love them, because, as a gardener, I am lazy and common variety and I don't like plants that fight me.

For all those reasons, I have lots of daylilies in my yard and I just added several more this spring, so I am looking forward to a big season of daylily blooms this year. It has already started. This past weekend, I had my first daylily bloom of the season.

This lemon yellow bloomer is always my first daylily bloom every year. I've had it for several years and divided it and moved it all around the yard, so that, now, I'm no longer even sure what its name is. But I have a weakness for yellow blossoms of all kinds, so I'm always particularly happy to welcome this one.

Several other daylilies around the yard have developed buds. May promises to be a very colorful month in my garden.

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