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Monday, March 1, 2010

Welcome March

Finally, March.

Month of blueberry and apple blossoms.

Month of fresh green buds on the red oak trees.

Month of birds gathering materials for their nests and, in a few short weeks, ushering a new avian generation into the world.

Month of baseball's spring training where hope springs eternal.

Month of getting those tomato plants, eggplants, and pepper plants into the ground, not to mention all the seeds for the spring/summer garden.

Month of getting the hummingbird feeders cleaned and filled and hung for those early visitors that may reach us by the end of the month.

Month of daffodils at the beginning and, maybe if we're lucky, bluebonnets at the end.

Month when all those "dead" plants from winter come to life again. Or not.

Month of constantly singing windchimes.

Month of still cool days for working in the garden.

Month for watching and listening to the serenade of the geese as they head back north again.

Month when anoles come out of hiding and flatten themselves against the bricks of the house to sunbathe.

Month when goldfinches start getting itchy wings to fly back to their nesting grounds.

Month when the azaleas remind us of why we plant them.

March - month when spring returns. Welcome, March.

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